Shared Masternode Procedure

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Send Coins

On Discord we will ask you to send coins to our wallet address

Check Status

Check status whether minimum number of coins required to run the masternode has been reached or not on

Profit Tracking

Once the minimum coins required to run the masternode is reached, we will run the masternode and share google sheet link, like THIS ONE

Our Fees

We will take up to 5% from the masternode profits for server cost and our service.


If MN is not running then you can ask for refund anytime, no clause here. But if your coins are in the MN then following 3 conditions shall apply -

  1. If we have pending requests from new applicants then we will send back your coins immediately 
  2. We will mail everyone in the MN whether they want to be in shared MN or not, if majority says cancel MN then we will send back the respective coins to everyone.
  3. If we have no new applicant for MN and majority says not to cancel MN then you will get [ 100% of your coins + 50% of your MN profits], your other 50% MN profit will be distributed among other users in the MN.

Current Running Masternodes


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IMC - MN1, MN2

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